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Suppliers in Missouri?

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I've checked the supplier by state link and googled like crazy but can't seem to find any local suppliers. The cost of a case of IGI 1260 has gone way up lately including shipping ($108!) from my current supplier. I was wondering if anyone has found any local suppliers in Missouri (St. Louis) that carries the IGI 1260. There are a few candle supply stores in the area that seem to only carry "mystery wax" Nobody knows exactly what kind it is.

Also, is $108 outrageous? What does everyone else pay for a case with shipping, just curious? I think I'm paying way too much, but don't really have any choice..I'm trying to cut costs though.

Those that live near a major supplier must be so lucky!

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There is Morris Wax, I believe they are in Springfield. I don't know the link off the top of my head, hopefully someone else will, if not, just do a yahoo search, I know they come up that way.

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