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mushrooms and soot in power burns

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Hi all,

I'm testing some wicks in soy, and since I got depressed LOL because they didn't burn as I wanted, today I lit all the tester ann let them burn for 5 hours.

WOW I saw the biggest mushrooms in the world!! Two tester got a bit of soot also.

Well, my question is: if shrooms appears on power burns do you take it into consideration as a sign of wrong wicking?

I found that all the wicks I tested do mushroom, sooner or later... I hate mushrooms and these had 5 or 6 heads!!

I have little experience with soy but it seems it's very prone to mushrooms.. BLEH!


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Hi Stella, thanks you're really punctual!

The wicks were ECO 12 and LX 26 in two 3" diameter tumblers.

I let them go for hours because I was pulling my hair out because they didn't catch the sides after 3 burns, so then I saw those big alien mushrooms and soot.

There was a window opened so that may be the cause for soot on sides.

In the mean while I let another tapered tumbler go with a CD 14, the tumbler is pretty high and not so wide, it did mushroom but no black soot on sides.

Just wondering if I have to worry if mushrooms or soot appears "after" the given rule of 1 hour per 1 inch.

U know, new to evrything on this side!

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