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waters question

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I made a facial mask today out of French green clay, a little jojoba oil, vita e, and some mint water i made just before I made the clay mask.

I wanted to buy the mint water (I thought I saw some at the grocery store in the mixer section, but there wasn't any when I went this time).

my question is... does anyone know if it safe to boil foods or herbs in water and use it in products? I added some Phenonip during the boiling process and a little more when I was adding the oils.

do you guys think this would be ok to make, jar, and use as needed? or will the water spoil or something?

god! I sound so technical.

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If you are making it for yourself, you could either infuse the oil with mint. Or just get some kind of mint eo to use. I think it would be nice for personal use, just to make it fresh everytime you want to do one with no preservative in it at all.

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