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Question about using pomace olive oil

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I use rice bran oil in all my base recipes except for my goats milk soap that I have been using Bertonelli Extra Light olive oil. The olive oil at Sam's is getting so expensive that I have been thinking of using pomace olive oil for the goatsmilk soap. What is the color of the pomace and will it make a big difference in the color of the soap?

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I've used various brands/colors of pomace with good results, and really not much discoloration if any.

The one thing you really have to make sure is that it is indeed 100% pomace and not a blend. Read the labels (not just on the front) very carefully.

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I did a controlled experiment. I made 90% OO/10% castor with 3 different Olive Oils. One was Bertolli regular, one Bertolli light, and one CF pomace.

When fresh in the mold, the light was slightly whiter than the regular, and the pomace was positively taupe in comparison. As they hardened and then aged the differences were smaller. In fact at 1 month I could see no difference between the two Bertolli soaps. But the pomace never reached that white-white that I got with the other two. It always had an off-white hue to it - kinda a creamy-gray color that *I* call taupe. But not much of it, and perhaps not too noticeable if not next to the others.

CF pomace does trace fast, but apparently not all pomace does from what I've read.

BTW: I made all 3 batches over 2 days in the same mold. No FO, no colorant, no silk, no milk - just OO, Castor, lye & water.

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I've never used CF's Pomace so I can't compare.

A couple years ago, a new store opened in my area and they had 100% pomace for $5 a GALLON! Yup 128 oz! I stocked up then with about 30 or so gallons.

I've since switched to EVOO that I also got a great deal on and my 'basic' recipe has changed since those days also.

I never had much discoloration or noticed any fast trace with the pomace I used, but I do know that other people have had different results.

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