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Help with layering ...

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Hi there! I've never made a layered candle but I'd like to try it and don't have any idea on temps.

I use soy wax and normally pour at 130. I'm assuming that I'd pour the first layer and let it set up completely ... but I'm not sure what temp. to pour the next layer at.

Any help is very welcome!

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My fear was the wax at 130 degrees will cause the other layer to melt. This won't happen?

Depends upon how thick the layer is... I pour about 30° hotter than you do and do not have problems with the new wax melting the old. I have poured even thin layers quite successfully. As I said before, it's a matter of waiting until the previous layer has set up enough to support the new layer without melting. How long to wait is entirely dependent upon your wax, the temps involved and the thickness of the layers.

This one had 5 layers and none melted the other...


Just go for it! :)

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I pour mine at essentially the same temperature for each layer and have never had a problem with the next layer melting the previous one, letting each layer set up firmly. Layered candles are so much fun to do and quite beautiful so GO FOR IT!

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I used to do the 9oz hex jars with a peppermint/vanilla at Christmas time. I used to color the peppermint red (turned out pink) and would pour them and lean them to the side for the diagonal effect. then the next day pour the vanilla. They always turned out NICE.


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