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keeping my fingers crossed

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Well, after a long and rough week without my own personal computer at home (been at my folks using their computer or my cell phone), I've finally got my computer back up. I have a show this weekend. It's a one day show outdoors and rain is predicted today through Friday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the rain will not make things too bad for me and it won't be too messy. PLUS, if hubby can't get off work to help me I don't know what I'm gonna do. Obviously with one arm in a sling I can't do too much of the lifting on my own not to mention putting up an EZ up. I hate to have to skip out on a show knowing I need to get rid of some inventory and I did sign a contract, so I'm hoping the weather holds up for me and that hubby can help me with this last Spring show that I have. (not scheduing anymore til I know what's up with my arm/shoulder from the wreck and that's at least a month away when I go back to the doc).

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If your hubby can't help you I am sure one of the other vendors would be more than happy to help set up your canopy etc.

An outdoor show that I do...one of the vendors had trouble setting up her EZ Up and she asked the 2 guys that were set up beside her for help. They put it up for her and also helped her unload her vehicle.

Good luck!


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Do what I do when hubby cannot be there... find a high school boy who wants to make a little $$. I pay $50 but only because my stuff consists of heavy pieces of furniture and two tents worth of stuff. You could give someone $20 for setting up your tent, tables and getting the boxes from your vehicle to the spot.

And as Maggie said, vendors are usually pretty helpful. Just stand there with your arm in a sling looking woefully at your tent..I bet you will have help in no time!

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