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A ? about mixing 6006 and 415,444, or 464...

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I personally wanted the most soy possible but a great looking candle. I tried another mix first but couldn't get rid of the frosting.

I am testing a 80/20 mix of 415/6006. Makes for a pretty candle with NO frost. I am testing in a 3.5 inch apothecary jar. I first tried a CD20.... not so great. I just now fired one up with 2 CD8's. I really didn't want to double wick, but if it makes a great smelling candle then that is more important. NO valid reason for not wanting to double wick either!! LOL


OH, both waxes are close so I can pick them up.

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Did your scent throw improve?

I dont care about frosting (I dont color) I use tins so wet spots are not a problem either...but I am going to test 8oz sq mason jars since I can pick them up. I still dont care about wet spots. I just want as much soy as possible with a kick ars scent throw....not sure I am going to find it though.

Testing will be FUN these next few weeks.


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Since I am still testing wicks.... I can't comment on the HT... but the CT is wonderful. I am testing Mocha Java and it is very good.

I have a bit of a hard time testing HT here anyway cuz my house is so open. If I get a great MP then I will move it to a room to test HT.

6006 gets great reviews and people like the HT of the 415 so I am hoping and assuming that the two together will ROCK!!

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