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Local oils for whipped shea butter?


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I'm new here (this is my first post, actually). I've been lurking for a few weeks. I'm just playing around with some bath and body stuff, totally for personal use. I have some shea butter and some yummy oils and I want to make some whipped shea butter. I've done it before without the addition of oil, but I'd like to try to follow Kimberly's recipe posted here.

My question is, as I'd like to do this NOW, what types of oils can I get locally that would work -- in other words, from the grocery store. Obviously I'd want a light oil... Is EVOO light enough?

Thanks for any tips.


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I guess it depends on what options you have in the grocery... It is generally better to use a light oil with shea, and olive oil is kinda heavy. If you can find sweet almond oil or grapeseed oil, either would be great. I can't remember which other oils are lighter, but I know there are lists on this site describing them somewhere:D.... HtH

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