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Spring shows


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Had our second one of the year this weekend and did quite well.

I noticed a few have started into show season. I've been, and likely will remain, skeptical about how this year will go because of the crazy price increases everywhere. I don't know where people are finding the money, but I definitely won't complain about this weekend. I think Rockin and I will be in shock for a little bit at the rate that people spent and they spent with a lot of vendors.

But this isn't about the show so much as for those who are out selling already, what's your thoughts on people holding back because of the escalating gas prices, declining economy and are you noticing that you're moving your usual items or less expensive items? I'm just curious.

For us, we moved a little bit of everything we had, but I think once we sit down and really take it in, I bet our best sellers were in smaller/lesser priced items.

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I would have to say right now that our smaller items were the biggest sellers so far this year. We sold all but 6 packs of our clamshell tarts at our first show as well as almost all of our Aroma Beads. We have another show May 4th so it will be interesting to see what sells at this one.

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I mentioned in another thread that I have a big show coming up next weekend. I have done this show for many years and I am used to pulling in a lot of $. It is probably my biggest show of the year (I only do a handful of big ones). The year before last I did so FREAKING amazing and then last year, BOOM, it dropped. I still did well, but my booth fee is $300 and I work my %$#@ ass off to get ready for it, so I really expect a big return. I seem to remember that last years sales were about 65-70% of the previous year. The kicker was that each year this show just gets better and better so I went into it kind of cocky. lol... Lesson learned, huh?

So with all this doom and gloom in the economy and the gas prices really heading up there, I am so anxious about the show.

Not on the show front, BUT....I have to say that my wholesale is at an all time high and people are ordering more than ever...so go figure???? I am curious to see how others wholesale stuff is going in addition to shows. Many of the store owners are saying that their business is going wonderfully, so again....who knows.

It is just such a crap shoot, ya know? With all the national news of the possible recession, the food prices, the gas prices, retail being down, etc., our state has reported nothing outside of a very strong economy. So, basically crossing my fingers for next weekend!

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Well let's see ... what state are you in LMAO! J/K!

That's the thing, I'm just amazed that while I continue to cross off things I once did, would like to do etc. to save money for supplies (ha ha), others don't seem to be holding back cash. Course I complain about gas prices all the time. I was just amazed, and I know quite a few other vendors were too, at the amount of spending that went on this weekend. By all means, I don't want to see that stop. We'll just let me remain paranoid about it I guess. It has just been really interesting and it will be to see how you do at your show too. BTW good luck at that show (not that you need it :wink2: )

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I think it is because some people are just getting their tax returns back, so they have a bit of extra spending money! Ours has been spent since last summer when we ordered our cabinets on no finance charges or payment until July of this year.

I only had one check payment and the rest were cash. My highest priced item was the 8 oz gift sets for $21.50 and then my JJ candles for 3 for $18 (saving .50 of my regular price). I live in a small town, too, so that may contribute.

I know I am watching how I am spending lately.


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