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Fancy Wickless

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Just thought I'd share a couple of my new wickless candles with everyone, I thought I'd be just a little different and do 'something' with them instead of the usual single color pour that they usually are.

I realize they aren't going to look as unique after the first time they're melted, but like anything else, it's all about the first impression. I've got a few others to work on this weekend, like my cappuccino and cafe caramel. I know I need to avoid colors that will turn to a not so nice color when they all eventually blend together, but I'm sure I can work something cute out.

The first is NG Creamcicle, I poured it in Orange and White layers, like when you look at the bottom of one, smells totally YUMMY.. one so good you just want to take a bite despite the fact it isn't food.

Next is NG Lily of the Valley, a really close copy of a plant I got a few years back, if you've never smelled them, they're really unique. I decided to try chunks with this one, came out pretty good for a first time, though I think I'm going to have to work on getting the chunks to the side of the jar a little more.



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I can't really see them that well, but to me they look like they need to be filled more. Especially being a wickless, JMO

I can't see them too good either, but I do see them well enough to know that they are only about 1/2 full! :undecided Is there a reason you are'nt filling them up??

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They are full 8oz candles, and though its hard to see, they are filled to the 'hip' of the jar, I've tried them at 10oz, but I had enough customers complain that it took just a little longer than their liking to come to a full melt, so went back down to the original size.

I'm thinking if I can find a tureen I like, that I may again offer a 10oz size that will melt well enough to their liking since those are more squat than the Elite jars are.

Here are direct links to the pictures,



Hope these are a little easier to see, though I may have to work on my photography some more. Maybe I need a little something to use for propping. Any Ideas?

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Unfortunately, they do make me think of dollar store candles filled only about half way.

A tureen is a tureen is a tureen, so I'm not sure what you mean about finding one you like. I use the 6 oz, but the 8 oz work perfectly, too. I sell the 6 oz for $6 each, 3 for $15.


If your wickless candles are taking too long to melt, your customers aren't using a good warmer. They are probably using 13W or so cheap Hobby Lobby type plastic warmers. They work, but not nearly as well as the ceramic 20W ones. IMO, if you're going to sell wickless candles, you've got a market already made to order for the good, more expensive ceramic warmers. I sell the 20W Levine $4 ceramic warmers for $15 and always get in on their free shipping sales.

Just my advice and unasked for opinion.


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