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Alabaster Tart Warmer


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I'm biting my tongue a little on this one.. bought them because i thought they looked great in the pictures on the website.

was very happy with their service.

most of the warmers are definitely more for oils than tarts - a 1oz tart will barely fit in most. When I told this to the guy he said I need to make smaller tarts, and they were actually for oils, not tarts (although I stated again and again I was buying them for tarts)

10 of them came broken, and when i called them the guy said he would contact the other store and have a refund sent right away - that was a couple of months ago. going to give them a call.

My own fault - there was no indication of size on their website, yet I was picturing much bigger warmers than what actually arrived.

the milk can ones are the best, imo - they are tall enough and the cup is big enough for a tart. The square ones will definitely not fit a tart, and the oval ones I have had my tarts drip over the sides (not so good for the resale value... I'll be trying to get rid of these cheap!)

neat looking cylinder ones barely fit a 1oz tart. the blue and black ones fit nicely, but they are very short and get really hot from the tealight.

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