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Cowboy Boot Vase


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Hi everyone, it's been awhile. I'm starting to plan my wedding for next July 2009. I found some wonderful centerpieces that are cowboy boots that are vases but they cost a pretty penny. I've been trying to find just plain white made out of plaster or cement or something , because I want to paint them like the Texas Flag, so far I haven't found anything. So i started to look for a mold, I didn't find anything either. Then I thought about using old boots somehow stiff them and then paint them the way I want them, but of course I have not idea how to do that. So I need help!!!! I need two different sizes one no bigger than 4inches (for the favors) and then something bigger than 8 inches for the centerpieces. Need help!!!!!

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This isn't what you were asking about, but I thought you might like it...


If you can't find what you need maybe you can go to thrift stores and wrangle up all the cowboy boots you can find, then take them home and paint them and apply a coat of glaze on top to make them ultra shiny and look like ceramic. Inside the boot you can hide a glass filled with water to hold your flowers. See the last picture on the bottom of the page in the link below for an idea of what it would look like...


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I think finding old cowboy boots at a thrift store or whatever would be awesome with how you want to paint them! :)

Ok, my MIL took my hubby's little bitty cowboy boots from when he was a kid and had them dipped in laquer or urethane and those suckers are stiff as can be and actually displayed up on a shelf in our house-too cute! ;)

What you can do, is find the boots, paint them the way you want (like the Texas flag) and then get a big soup pot and fill with the laquer/urethane and then dip them. You may have to do a couple of coats, but they will definitely get stiff!

I think like sockmonkey suggested, putting a glass inside would be your best bet if you want fresh flowers in the boots.

What I would do is stuff the boots with newspaper before dipping so that they keep their shape and that way you'll have a space for the glass/vase. ;)

If you do these, I'd LOVE to see a pic. of the finished product! Sounds like such a FUN project! :D

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Another possibility is putting a large piece of PVC pipe down in the leg of the boot to keep it's shape.

Yah, but ya gotta make sure the toe is stuffed as well-the newspaper works fine and is most always handy. ;)

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