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wax that is close to KY125??

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I have been researching for 2 days and cant really find an answer. I even tried emailing Vicky at KY and that didnt help either.

I LOVED my KY 125 wax!! I am looking for the closest to this wax that I can get. The hitch is....it has to be a West coast supplier!!

I can get GB 444, 464, 415, EL mill and EL container wax.

The accu-waxes from Swans and I think c-3 swans has too.

Then there are the IGI waxes from Let it Shine...

I have only tested the 464....so what should be next? I want to pour hot if possible and need awesome scent throw....

I have read that the 444 has a better throw than the 464 and then I read the opposite...confusing to say the least.

I cant find much info on the accu-soy 10.

I cant find anything on the IGI 6010 and the other soy and soy blends they have except for the 6006 which I am going to test for my tins.



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Gb 435

Cant get that wax out here. I dont think I will find it from a west coast supplier. I am gonna test the 6006 and maybe just use a blend.....I dont know.:embarasse

The "perfect" wax does not exist....but I'll keep looking for "as close as it gets":undecided


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I believe you asked for the closest to KY125 and you did not specify in your list GB435?

The 435 is not available out here. Not within reasonable shipping radius.

I know the 435 is a close one....but not out here. Candlesoylutions is the only supplier here in OR and WA for the Golden Brands wax and they only have 415,464 and 444.


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