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For cream pie soaps, you can do it without a mold. You can buy aluminum pie tins and use 2.5 lbs white MP and use a portion for the crust--about a half a pound or so (colored accordingly), about 1.5 lbs for the "filling" (colored/scented accordingly) and then leave the last portion uncolored and whip with a mixer and spoon the "whipped cream" portion onto the set up "filling". If I remember correctly, this made two full pies, so that is 16 slices. I also used the 8 inch pie tins, FYI.

TIP: Wait until each layer is set up before you add the next, and spritz "crust" with rubbing alcohol before pouring the "filling" layer. The rubbing alcohol helps the layers stick together. DON'T spritz the "filling" layer before adding "whipped cream" layer, because you will lose your bubbles that make it look light and fluffy like whipped cream. Don't cut this soap until completely cool or it will be a disaster! Good luck and if you have any questions, email me at asheebeans@yahoo.com I check my mail more often than I am on CT and could get back to you sooner that way.

This would be much cheaper and more hands-on as far as a child's project goes. If you are talking about the mold I am thinking about--that mold is around 75 bucks! :shocked2: A little pricey!! Good luck and have fun!!

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