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fragrances by design in soap


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Any one no the strongest scents from hear i wont to get a few to try i am thinking Brit for men or Euphoria for men i wont to soap these or any of there scents that held a good strong scent and a couple of the womens scents if any one has tried them

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I have only soaped (so far) three of FBD's scents:

Burberry London - nice, a little light, but nice. It's not overwhelming and great for layering

Irish Spring - holds wonderfully!

Blue Sugar....YUM. Smells wonderful and doesn't fade at all. Totally lickable.


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sounds like i will have to try the blue sugar i have to many nice light scents need more strong scents that hold the scent. I like the scents that when you use it you can smell it with out putting the soap to your nose.

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