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What recipe for these oils


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I have the following oils and well. I would like you all to give me some suggestions on a combination of these oils in a recipe.

Mango I have about 4 oz

Palm oil

Palm Kernel Oil

olive oil pomace

rice bran oil



coconut oil

corn oil

veggie oil

I also have silk.

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olive oil pomace or rice bran 20%

lard 15%

coconut oil 15%

Palm oil 15%

Palm Kernel Oil 15%

corn oil 10%

Mango 5%

castor 5%

Hardness 43

cleansing 20

condition 53

bubbly lather 24

creamy lather 28

Iodine 53

INS 149

Run this through the soap calc for your water and lye amounts.

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