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Micas-How much to put in MP soap


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Hi, I just found out that I can put micas in MP soap base.

I was wondering how much do you put in a lb of MP soap?

Cause I wanted to buy a few 1oz micas and wanted to make sure

I'll have enough LOL

I read that 1oz is alot in volume but was curious as to how much usually go in to soap.



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I put less than a quarter tsp and mixed in glycerin. Then pour in and your done!

YAY Thank you, I'm sitting here watching this thread for answers with my mica order window open LOL

so 1oz should last me a while???

Thanks so much!!

oh and to get like a chocolate dark color, do I get oxide?? dark chocolate brown Oxide? mix it with glycerin?? so that it blends with the mp?

thanks again!!!


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Woowooo I got my pop pop pop pop!!! wow bright colors micas from TBK Trading and they were so helpful and talk bout fast shipping AND all these freebies!!!!!!! WOW !!!!

I'm so tickled pink and so happy!!!! off to play with them!!!!


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