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Trademark question


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Making sure I understand this trademarking thing.

I'm gearing up to re-open my business sometime towards the middle to end of this year. I have a name that I really like using my street number combined with another word. I've researched it quite a bit and have found one company that is using the name but in a line of products unlike what I will offer. As I understand it, I can use the name since my product line is different. Am I correct? I plan to trademark the name for my product line at some point. So, I want to be sure I'm right. :confused:

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To my understanding as long as it is not the same products you are able to trademark the name. The other company MIGHT have it trademarked so you might want to check that also. That is something I would check on. Also how close is the other company????

I am sure there are others who know this better than I do. Just from what I think I read but it has been quite sometime.


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Business names are not quite the same as individual products.

Think Coke, Pepsi, all the common brands of anything. You don't see any other companies out there with the same name selling jewelry or baby bottles or pencils. Why? Because they have the name trademarked and they enforce it.

I would talk to an attorney before you get your heart set on anything.

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