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Soy Wax Prices...

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It seems everything is going up. Not just the price of wax but glassware, dyes and fragrances. I know that the wax I use also has gone up. I think it is up something like $10 a case.

What is sad is I think a lot of us will end up going out of business because we can't compete anymore.

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Jakalex posted a couple websites that talk about soy wax. I think it has just gone up on futures (hopes that China will buy what we hope they will.) I think the market has just gone bananas. It really worries me that candles are not a necessity but a luxury. I think we are in for a rough year and maybe a rough future. Again, the rich and big companies are just getting richer and we are paying the price. We own 120 acres out here in the country; maybe I should be raising soybeans and corn instead of making candles??:angry2: Carole

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