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Scent throw in tart vs. candle - interesting


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I am referencing this post, especially this particular comment:

I do not carry such a large amount in candles. Many scents don't throw as well in candles. I carry enough to have a large selection though. They are also in alpha order.


How interesting. I noticed that my "melts" seem stronger than when I burn the same scent in a candle? Why is that? Any comments?


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often a bigger melt pool

nothing consuming/burning the FO

can leave it on longer than you can (or should) leave some candles burning

Thank you, CareBear. That's totally logical.

I'm finding that so many of the stronger fragrances I test are florals. I can't even sell florals and I love them so much!

I read, somewhere, that whatever scents you are drawn to has something to do with experiences in your life.

My mother had rambling rose bushes, Gardenia bushes, honeysuckle, etc. - just florals everywhere. So, now I know why.

Anyway, I'm very frustrated right now on some strong FO picks. I see that I am too small to pay for expensive scents, which I love the most, of course

I try to stay in the $13 or $14 range. I just want the ones that are strong enough only using 1oz pp. I'm not finding as many as I would like.

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