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Dry Area (CP Makers)


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As I'm awaiting the arrival of the last of my equipment (Mold and Scale (should be here by wed)), I'm in need of drying area pictures.

How elaborate is the area you use? i was thikning of using an empty bookcase, moved into a spare bedroom closet. This way, I can seperate the soap by shelf, keep the soap away from two very curious cats and of course that pesky dog that eats anything in its path.

Pictures would be the best.

Thanks all,


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I use plastic stacking baskets from our local dollar store. 2 will hold a batch of soap (each batch is 34 bars), I leave them on there for about 2 weeks then I move the soap to plastic shoe boxes. The shoe boxes and baskets live on a large resin shelf, but they started out on bookcases. Go with what you have easily and cheaply available for the time being, once you start soap making, you'll develop some ideas of your own as to what you need or want.

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I have a small room in the basement set up with dehumidifier and hubby put vinyl coated shelves up for me. I have a fan going 24/7. I don’t think you have to be that elaborate. I started with an old microwave card (similar to rack like euginia’s rack) stuck in the spare bedroom. All you need is good air circulation and dry air. High humidity can trigger DOS.

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