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Palm Wax

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This is where I order my wax most of the time cuz' of shipping!

Type: Palm

Meltpoint: 144 degrees

Primary Use: Container candles

Packaging: Granulated/Pastilles

Wick Suggestion: Wedo RRD series, German Coreless LX

Recommended Pouring Temperature: 200-210 degrees

Instructions for Use: We recommend pouring this wax at 200 degrees, but varying your pouring temperatures will produce a variety of crystal shapes and sizes as show in our picture. Different fragrances and colors will also produce different crystalline patterns.

Candles & Supplies in PA! HTH! Kimmeroo

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Thanks Kimmeroo,

I appreciate this information.

Were I get my candle making supplies from here in Australia it just says wether the Palm Wax is for Pillars or Votives nothing about using it in containers. So can I use any Palm wax in containers as I had only been doing Pillars and Votives.


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Ur welcome!!!! I poured a few of these and am test burning them...I used cinnamon stix and apples&berries.I didn't like the way they look in the containers! Just as smooth..no feathering or anything! They are just plain white right now...am waiting on dyes.But the smell is awesome! I do need to wick up from an rrd37 to a 40.Good luck.


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Hi Kimmeroo,

Thanks for this information. I will not try it in containers.

I am glad to be working with this wax again. If I knew how to put pic in the gallery I would as I am proud of what I have acheived since you gave me the temperature.

Wish You a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


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