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Soja's back with a new tilter!

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Hia folks...

Back after a long hiatus... I had about a year off then ran into some family issues, (Sickness and ultimate passing of Father in law) but I'm back now.

(I missed you gals & guys)

I wanted to start with a good 'Tilter' so I 'borrowed' the picture of Scent Cellar's tilted mold holder and added some ideas I had.

In pic 'Tilt1' you can see I added a different 'hinge' so it would tilt WAY down. Just move the top screw (both screws are loose:cool2: to let it move) to a different hole and away you go.

In pic 'Tilt2', you can see I left the top of the holes open and moved the lower brace up to accommodate molds with bases! No more buckets of beans for me! I wanted a solid, movable holder.

Credit must go to Scent Cellar for posting the pic of her holder which I worked off of. Thank you Scent Cellar.

Ideas?? Comments?? Death threats?? :D




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Hey there, you are very welcome. I'm glad you could use mine for the idea and work your own twists to it. I am hoping Santa gets my new one done soon as I needed one to accomodate more molds at one time. Currrently I don't use any of the molds with the bases as I can't get the results I want with that type of pillar mold but I like the idea of yours as you can use both types of molds.

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