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Jessica McClintock FO?


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This is the perfume I wear, and I'm just curious if anyone else knows the exact scent, and has matched it to a good matching FO out there that works well in C3 or soy in general? I want to make one for my bedroom when I get to the actual candle making part of this thing I'm doing. LOL :)

I've searched and found a few references to people who've liked the scents they've found from Royal Aromatics, and Candlescience, and Royal is supposed to be a dead on dupe. Just wondering if anyone has actually smelled the perfume, and can say that those two actually smell like the actual perfume itself.

Checked on scentforum and there's nothing for Jessica McClintock there.

I went to Royal Aromatics' site, and there's no place to order so I'm assuming it's a wholesale business and you probably have to buy huge amounts or something. So does anyone know if Candlescience's FO smells like the actual perfume?

This is the only perfume I can wear, that won't make me sick, and most sweet smelling candles make me sick when they're too perfume'y, so I'm hoping to find one that's just like the real thing. :)

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Oh thank you grama! It's good to know someone who wore it, really thought it matched the perfume. The perfume itself, isn't really a sickening smell, so I'd hate to buy a little and find out it smelled way too intense or something. Thanks for the tip on the dillutor as well. I guess I could actually make myself some of the perfume, if I wanted to huh? LOL I never even thought of that! I spend like 40 dollars on the biggest one I can find, of the actual perfume and it would be nice to not have to spend so much, and actually be able to use the stuff daily and not worry about using too much! Thank you!

Do they let just anyone buy it? I can't find a link on the Royal Aromatics site to order?

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Since I have discovered the perfumers alcohol and if you buy top quality oils, you make very good perfume. I do not buy perfume anymore.

When I bought fo you could order but now I guess you have to call them with order. Saw in another post where someone had downloaded the catalog from RA but I couldn't find link to catalog.

Look at Looking for straight orange and you will see post

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