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What size??


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I do 4 oz. scrubs and 4 & 8 oz. body creams.

IMO... some people don't use pampering products everyday. The bigger the size... the longer it takes for them to finish it off. The smaller the size... the sooner they finish it... and if you get'em hooked... they'll come back for more. :)

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Darn - so are you all saying 16 oz is too big? I have about 40 16 oz jars leftover from my bath salt venture (those don't sell well here!) and was thinking I could use them for sugar scrubs in my holiday show.

So how much are you all charging for your scrub anyway? I finally made one I like so now I need ot figure on pricing!

BTW I sell my body velvet (emulsified body butter) best in 2 oz jars (a lot of them!!!) even though the 8 oz jar is a better buy. ($7 for a 2 oz and $16 for an 8 oz - similar to Body Shop pricing and sizing)


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