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This is kind of weird...


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...okay, need your opinion on this:

a few weeks ago a manufacturer of high-end furniture (this is what they call themselves) contacted me. He wanted to have 500 candles with a special scent for their best customers. Afterwards they will sell these candles to their agents as well, and that would mean 500 - 1000 candles per order.

He also told me he had contacted other companies in Portugal and France but didn't have any response yet.

So far, so good. Competition.

I've sent him several scent samples which he liked but complained about the wax not melting immediately from side to side (it was palm! And I told him before.) and the scent not being strong enough, but these were things I could explain.

This weekend now he should have decided about the final sample candles. He sent me an email 4 hours ago, showing me a template of the logo and the font he wants to have, asking me if I could do it. He tells me which scent he likes best and that he prefers soy (which I offered to him as well). Also he wants an offer for the candles

Now as I scroll down the email I see his correspondence with the French company, noticing the template it theirs. Besides that he writes to them he wants to order about 250 - 300 candles of them for this xmas campaign. The last asnwer is from the French company, anouncing the proforma invoice for the candles. This email was from the 24th Oct.

Is this still my competition or not? Is he waiting for my offer to compare prices?

I've tried to get some info about their candles, which wax they use etc. Nothing.

Now of course I'd love to know at what price they have offered their candles...:rolleyes2

Don't you think this is a bit strange? Am I just paranoid, afraid of some exquisite webdesign (because, honestly, I don't like the look of their candles too much)?

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I think the website is very nice, the candles look quite nice also. The problem I see is that they will notice a huge number of people accessing their website from CandleTech and will come to investigate. They will see that you have posted this, they will be made aware of other candlemakers in the mix, and they will now know what types of wax you use and many other things you may not want a competitor knowing.

If I were you, I'd hurry and edit that link and make it non-clickable.

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Hi Carrie,

yes, you are right - I've deleted the addy, thanks for reminding me:cheesy2: !

And of course their webste is very professional, their candles look professional as well (they are nice, but this is not the style I especially like).

I guess I'm just nervous, too nervous. 'littleshiver'

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