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I'm new and not sure how to search ...


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if you look in the right corner, not as high up as your log in name... you will see a search this forum button. See pic below.

Then you pick key words to search, in this case 'vanilla' or 'vanilla soy' or whatever wax you use.

By the way, I like MC Extreme Vanilla or KY Southern Vanilla. When I'm feeling really froggy, I'll make some DS Ultimate Vanilla (which is on sale this week, woo hoo!!)


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Have you ever experienced a vanilla after even several weeks of curing that its has a kind of "burnt" type smell?

I bought a bottle of Vanilla Pods, from a supplier once, and I use 415 soy with 1oz. of fo per lb. of wax, and let it cure for a couple of weeks and before I even lit the candle, it had a "burnt" type smell to it.

Any idea's what that is from?

I used to use Snowtops Vanilla Bliss and liked it, but I am in the search for a good straight vanilla....A STRONG ONE!

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