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Rockin' Oatmeal and Honey


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I'm on my endless search for the best OMH for bath and body. I think I'm looking for something more of an oatmeal scent... more oatmeal than honey. I usually use Cajun's OMH... but it's starting to smell sickenly sweet to me... Too much almond and honey scent.

What is your BEST OMH scent you use for B&B? How would you describe the smell? Sweet? Oaty? (LOL) Balanced?

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I had a very nice person share a bit of info with me, regarding OMH FO I've been searching for.... It's called Queen of the Nile by BNL at BCN. Description:

An exclusive blend from Bubbles 'n Lights! If you love the scent of oatmeal, milk and honey but find yourself turned off by the almond note in it, then consider this gem. Think of this fragrance as OMH on steroids. Heavy on the oatmeal, light on the milk with just a touch of orange blossom honey, this beauty also has some nice musky undertones. A unique fragrance that is an absolute must-try!

I think I will try it! Has anyone here tried this FO?

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