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I saw somewhere here on the forum someone asked about hair mists. I use them when I remember to, and if I weren't so forgetful it'd be every single day! I have one right now with pomegranate FO in it and another with I think 'White Cat' from www.heavenandearthessentials.com. I need to make several more with holiday scents. These are fine as body mists so your skin can match your hair. :) These both scent and, depending on what you put in them, can moisturize your hair a little.


Random notes that I think I got from thelonghaircommunity.com. Anywhere it says BPAL you can substitute safe FOs:

i use a 4 oz spray bottle mostly water, a big squirt of aloe, about 6 drops of jojoba, and about 10-15 drops of EO.... great on wet or dry hair to cut down on frizzies!! (note from Darbla: this is the recipe I personally use)

I made my own conditioning perfume mist by taking a 1 oz. atomizer, adding a pea-sized amount of unscented conditioner, a dribble of Eos, and topping it off with water. I think the conditioner gives the oil something to stick to and disperse more evenly with. I like to spritz it on when my hair is almost dry. I used Eos, which is exceptionally strong, and two days later I can still catch a whiff in my hair.

I get a nice spray leave-in from Majestic Mountain Sage (but they only sell it in 2 oz. trial sizes with a purchase limit of two per order, or by the gallon). I have scented a couple of 2 oz bottles with different BPAL blends using polysorbate-20 as emulsifier, but it’s a lot of work to get the oil thoroughly mixed with the p-20, so I think I’ll just do the shake-like-blazes-before-each-use thing with the next one and see if that works. It certainly scents my hair and doesn’t weigh it down, and I think as very light conditioning goes, it works fine. A friend and I went halves on a gallon jug of the stuff and split it, and if you have the room to store it, it’s not expensive bought in bulk. It’s certainly worth picking up a couple of the trial size bottles to see if it works for you.

I've got baby fine hair too, which is about waist-length, so I'm always having issues with dry, flyaway ends. I mix a drop of jojoba - no more! - with a drop of bpal in my palms, then run them through the length of my hair (but not the scalp area) brush through well with a boars bristle brush, and braid overnight. The oil is absorbed during the night, and makes my hair shiney and soft, without weighing it down. Helps make it less prone to tangles, too

I'm in love with cocoa butter and something foody for my hair. It's not an expensive product and it's not a commonly-used hair product but it's WONDERFUL for my hair. I'm always super-dry and it works really well.

I've also recently taken to rubbing some BPAL between my palms, then scrunching up my hair with my hands to leave a light but even coating of oil on it.

I used some of my Biosilk Silk Therapy leave-in, mixed about three drops of Snake Oil in it, and my hair smelled amazing

Hair Freshener

1 cup of water (distilled, rain water or well water works best,chlorinated might affect the EO.)

2 tbls of Aloe Vera Gel (I use Fruit of the Earth)

10-20 drops of your fav EO ( I use Fresh Rain or one of my BPal oils)

Shake all of this up in a spray bottle and mist on your hair after towel drying.

I use it to freshen my waves,especially on crispy hot days and just whenever!

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