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I don't know anything about bluehost at all, but if you are totally unsure where to start, it might be easier (and less frustrating) to hire a side job type of person who will get you set up with the basics that will never change.

If you know absolutely nothing about webpage building and are staring at a white page - you're in for a huge headache if you try to go alone.

Not to say it can't be done, absolutely it can, but it takes LOTS of readings. I'd start in their forums if they have some, maybe they have a builder you can use, if you can't get your hands on a website builder and are a total novice - hiring is DEFINITELY the way to go.

Not trying to be harsh in anyway, but even with my knowledge I still have to ask the hubby every now and then to do some of the tables formatting. And I barely know anything!

You can try other basic webbuilding forums, or you can do an one in all and insert OsCommerce into your site which is set up for you, but you need to add graphics, items, etc.

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I am wanting to design the site with the primitve look. So i purchased a web graphics disc from clipart by lisa...and I want to maybe have some one do it for me. I thought when I bought into the bluehost site that I could build my site from there. Well I later found out that I have to find a web host...so now I am panicing!

Im just afraid I will give up and cancel my fees with bluehost...I really want to try the website thing though!


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Some hosts offer a deal where you get a domain and hosting for one low, low price. Other folks choose to buy their domain from one source and host somewhere else. Some hosts offer WYSIWYG html page editors that utilize templates to make building a website easy. Other sites offer different software "scripts" that are individualized (like the popular eCommerce packages Zen Cart, Cube Cart, OsCommerce, etc.). With a package that offers cPanel as the interface, one usually gets a little feature called Fantastico which will help install many different scripts for you (and notifies you when they need updating!) so that you don't have to break your brain too badly. You will need some kind of FTP software. My browser (Firefox) has an add-on that is GREAT for this called FireFTP that opens a separate browser window just for the purpose of transferring files from my 'puter to my site's server.

If you are all brand new to having your own domain, I would strongly suggest that you use a template of some kind, as many WYSIWYG editors use outdated versions of html, etc. Starting from somewhere is much easier than starting with a blank page in many cases, especially when you are not familiar with the coding that makes the online magic happen.

Best case, of course, is to have someone build it for you BUT beware!! Lots of folks pay through the nose and end up with a halfway completed site and a webmaster who has gone MIA. You also will need to know how to make changes to your site unless you want to pay for the webmaster to do them for you, an odious little task that is often backburnered by webmasters in favor of higher paying jobs.

Good luck! There is a LOT of online help and information to assist you with your new headache source. :yay: Be patient and don't try to do too much at once - a brain can only hold so much new information at one time! :)

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