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What wax was this????


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Hi guys! Been a long time since I posted, but I look and read every day!

Question...I was at CVS last night picking up a few things and I came across a shelf full of container candles they had for sale. Dont remember the name of the company but they were in very pretty apothocary jars. Anyway, of course, being a candlemaker, I had to stop and check them out. The wax was very hard for being a container wax. I thought container wax was supposed to be soft. It almost felt like a pillar wax that was used in containers. I could push on it with my finger as hard as I could and it would not leave any marks..not even a little dent. There were a few wet spots but nothing horrible. The wax did not shrink alot and pull away from the sides of the jar like pillar wax would do. Back when I was very new at this and didnt know that there's special wax for containers..I poured some no name parafin into a container and it shrunk really bad and would rattle inside the jar. These candles didnt do that. Anyway, just wondering if anyone might know what wax was used for these and if maybe there's something you can add to pillar wax to make it good for containers. Thanks!! Any info is appreciated.

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