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RRD vs. Hemp wicking


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Well I've decided to make the big switch from paraffin to soy. I've ordered some soy container wax and soy pillar wax to try out.

The containers (round apothecary jars) have a 3-7/8 inch diameter and they are about 3 inches deep.

I'm curious about wicks and hoping some members could help me out and save me several projects worth of testing.

My supplier recommends RRD-47 nst2 and I'm also curious how hemp wicks would perform. Any one with experience with these in the above mentioned size container? Any other suggestions?

As far as pillars. I'm just interested in making votives for the time being. Again they recommend RRD-34. What about hemp 838? What else works good in soy votives?

Thanks in advance.

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It would help if we knew which soy waxes you are using.:D

From the wick recs looks like it is CB135 or one of the golden brands 444 or 464.

I use CB135 and tried the hemp wicks at the beginning but never had great success with them. I now use mostly the RRD wicks depending on the container, fragrance or wax.

I order my containers and wicks from candlescience. Here are my recommendations:

I use the 16oz apothecary which is 4 X 4~ 2 RRD 34's

(I doubt you will be able to single wick that jar)

For votives I use Ecosoya PB~ LX 14 is perfect

I recently started testing the GB 464 and it is recommended to use the same wick sizes as CB135.

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I'm going to be trying to use candlewic's soy 125 for the jars and their soy pillar wax. I used to use their custom paraffin votive/pillar blend with tremendous success, but now I'm looking to go au naturale (candles that is).

I like that fact that they are so close. I get my orders practically overnight.

I've been reading some back posts and there been some mixed reviews about soy 125 wax. I'm wondering if anyone has been very successful with these waxes. Hmmm.

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