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4627 Relief Holes

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I just poured my frst trial of 4627 Comfort Blend. SO far so Good. I was wondering if you have to poke relief holes around the wick, and if so, how do you cover them up. I did a search and didn't find anything with regards to CB. I did not put holes in mine as I was unsure how to give a finished look if I did. I hope this is not a silly question! Thank you for your help!

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Nope, you don't poke relief holes with 4627. The things to pay attention to with one-pour container blends are pouring temperature, container temperature, and cooling rate (whether and how the candles are insulated while cooling). Variations in those things can affect glass adhesion and the flatness of the surface. In the worst case you might need a heat gun or a second pour, but no holes.

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