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Cashmere & Pearls from Backwoods


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I bought this scent, along with a few others the other day, it came in... and my God!!! This scent rocks!! It is to DIE FOR in body cream. I'm curious on how it will do in CP... the smell is a little on the light side, I'm wondering if the scent would stick in soap? I think I will be ordering a bigger bottle next time... I really want to add this to my line. Has anyone soaped with this scent?

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Kelly... let me tell you... I can't stop putting body cream on scented in this scent! I wore it today, and I got compliments all day on it. I did the body cream in this scent and I did a body spray with cyclo. Let me tell you... this scent really rocks in cyclo. I need to order a bigger bottle next time. I've been telling all my customers about it... and they are begging me for scent samples! Just the name alone sounds so luxurious and graceful!! It really catches their attention!! I think the next big batch I do, I will add some silver mica to give the body cream a sort of sheen... like pearls!!! Ooooh! LOL

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