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Wick help...PLEASE

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I am going crazy trying to wick my containers :sad2: . Can anyone at least point me in the right direction.

I'm using 4630 with 1oz/pp FO and a 3" dia. container. I have one drop of liquid dye/8oz. Right now the zincs are winning but I was wondering if this is the ONLY wick that works or if someone has had success with a different type.

Thank you SOOO much in advance,


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Well it all depends on the shape of the jar and the FO, but a CD 8 may be a decent starting point.

Thanks so much for th reply. I have tested a CD 8 and, actually, thought it was going to work but, when I lit it again, it smoked like crazy!

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4630 tended to smoke like crazy when I tried a slab of it. It's been awhile so I couldn't remember what I was using for jars or wicks. I'm sure I have notes on it somewhere. I used about 3 lbs and traded away the other 7...:grin2:

Maybe a CD 6 or blend some soy wax into to cut down on the soot.

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