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Business Question for those who don't use dyes


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How do you label your products? Especially candles in clear jars. What I have been doing is printing different labels depending on the scent, each scent has a different colored label. This is getting time consuming even though it looks nice and gives some color to my product.

So those who don't use dyes and have a bunch of different scents what do you do? I'd love to see pictures of your labels. I need to figure something out to add color to the label and to make printing them easier on me and my printer. ;)


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I don't have any pics sorry, but I don't color my candles I use soy and I put them in 8 oz. square masons. I make my label with a navy blue border around it and insert my logo (logo has alot of blue in it). I print out the info,

and the flavor, etc etc . The background of my label is kinda a real light sky blue like clouds it is hard to explain it kinda looks a little textured but other than that all my labels on my candles are the same for all scents. I use a

rustic type lid. When I first switched from colored to non-colored I freaked too but you'll get used to it, I kinda like the uniform clean look now.


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I was worried that people would want the labels to be different colored based on the scent, so that it would be easier to tell them apart. I guess I don't trust people enough to read the labels and know what scent they are getting.

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it!

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not a problem, and I always take the lid off the first candle in the row so people can sniff cause I got tired of them taking off the lids anyway and then

they would fall on the ground or get put back wrong or get lost and truthfully 80+% of my customers buy by scent first and then read the name of that scent so I probably could not even put the scent on there because they

are gonna smell them all and pick the one they like :)


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