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LX's in Pillar?

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It was recommended to me to use an LX wick in the 3" pillar I made. I tested the LX in a 3" container just to see what the character of the wick would be. It's MP was off center because the wick curls. It doesn't curl as much as a CD wick...but It definately curls enough to throw the MP off center. So, why is LX recommended for pillars? Is there a better wick choice?? What do YOU use for 3" pillars?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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I use CDNs in both our containers and pillars. They also have a slight curl to them as they are self-trimming. If the candle is burning a little off center, you can either turn it, or gently push the base of the wick in the direction it is burning least to straighten out the melt pool. I wick our containers a teensy bit off center to compensate, but not much! Our pillars are made using wick pins, so they are centered already, but I have not had that much problem with the curl causing them to burn THAT unevenly. We ALWAYS turn our candles while they are burning for this very reason. HTH

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I've used the LX wicks and I have noticed just a bit of a curl but nothing like the CD's I tested.

I certainly don't mean to insult you by asking what I am about to. I didn't know this when I first started making candles and I actually made this mistake. Are you using a spool wick or the pre-tab wicks like we use in our container candles? Someone had suggested a wick for my pillar and just assumed it was the pre-tab wicks. Never gave it any thought, if I would have I would have noticed that Pillars you buy in the store aren't made with pre-tab wicks. So I made several candles and my wicks kept buning off center because I never could get the tab flat enough against the base of the pillar. A very nice person informed me of what I was doing wrong. Boy the mistakes I have made.:rolleyes2

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