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Candle Science Fragrance Reviews..


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I have been testing a few FO's from CS this week and wanted to share my results.

CB135 @ 7.5%

White Tea~Awesome! Smells just like Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea. A very clean and invigorating scent. Very good hot throw after 24 hours.

Baby Powder~Great scent..just like J&J baby powder. Very good hot throw after 48 hours.

Pineapple & Coconut~Was not quite sure about this one at first. After 24 hours light hot throw. But after 5 days it has a great hot throw! I think there is more pineapple than coconut, but it is a nice summer scent.

Violet Lime~I tested this one earlier in the palm and it was great so I decided to test it in soy. Great hot throw after 48 hours. Very complex scent. This one is hubby's fav recently.

I just poured Apple & Clover. Love this scent cold! I can smell the apple and greenery. I will update on the hot throw next week.

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Hi Jakalex,I have a sample of violet lime. When I smelled it I thought I would save it for B+B. (If I ever do any!) But you say it's great in candles? I guess I'll try it in wax!Thanks for the reviews; really like when you post them. I'm a big fan of CS.

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I love CS too ... I also love your reviews jakalex. Thanks.

Their Mistletoe is the best ... last year I made this for my niece, and she said that it smelled just like Meadow Mist, a Yank** scent that's been discontinued.

Oooo, I'd forgotten about that one! THE BEST Christmas scent for soy that I have ever tried. My DH walked in the house last holiday and the look of sheer scent delight was on his face. He looked like a little kid at Christmas. He couldn't get over how much the house smelled like Christmas. It put him right in the holiday spirit. I kept it on the warmer all season...I made a wickless. Scented the entire house beautifully. It is on my list to re-order.

This is a must have for the holidays.

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