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Mica in B&B

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Has anyone used mica in their bath & body products (not soaping). I'd like to use some in my lotions and washes but am afraid it will leave color behind. For my lip gloss, this isn't such a bad idea (I have the color safe lip mica) but what about shampoo or lotion?

Inquiring minds want to know! :grin2:


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Hi! I thought I'd share that I recently experimented with a lotion (of sorts, lol) I had used yellow mica and pearlescent mica.

The yellow did not show on the skin at all. The Pearlescent juuuuuuuust baaaaaarely did. Only enough that I couldn't in good conscience market it to men, lol. It's so faint that I actually thought I could at first, until my sister pointed it out 'how sparkly' it was. Dang. Lol. People and their 'details'. :wink2:

These were both lighter colors as opposed to maybe a red, black or teal. But I really never heard of it being an issue either way.

Good luck.

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