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Phases of making scrubs???

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I actually just made that scrub last night! I followed the lotion making directions for the oil phase and miscellaneous phase. At least, that's what I think I did. I'm a bit fuzzy since I ended up making two batches of lotion and a batch of scrub. My eyes hurt! lol

Don't be surprised if the scrub is runny at first. It seems like to me that it has to set up after a while. Also, 1 to 1.5 oz of sugar to 10 oz base isn't enough (to me anyway). I ended up adding in nearly 8 oz of sugar.

Good luck! I used it this morning and it was really nice!

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I make a revised version of the Bohunk, I melt my butters. ewax and stearic, put in mixing bowl, then add soft oils, whip them up to a whipped cream consistency (this can take a while) add preservative, FO and then add the sugar while whipping on slow speed. I also use more sugar than the original recipe called for. It does change consistency after a day or two, so you may want to wait before packaging to make sure it is right for what you want.



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