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Honey Vanilla Vinegar Rinse + Toner


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Finally! I've found something that really helps with the smell! :yay:

I've been using apple cider vinegar rinses and toners for several months, and DH usually complains about that faint, slightly sour, vinegary smell that lingers no matter what I do, so I've been experimenting with a lot of things - honey, tea, essential oils, etc.

But then I stumbled onto something in my local organic grocer... vanilla powder! Added to my vinegar concoctions, it sweetens it considerably and leaves a pleasant lingering scent. The organic vanilla powder I use is a lovely creamy beige and is a little pricier, but smells much more robustly vanilla than the cheaper white synthetic vanilla powder.

Honey Vanilla Vinegar Hair Rinse

1 cup acv infused with herbs (I use rosemary, hisbiscus and nettle)

3 tbsp honey (I use manuka or rewarewa)

1/4 tsp organic vanilla powder

a few drops of eo (optional)

Mix them all and bottle. After shampooing (don't laugh :embarasse , but I use one of my pet soaps - it's mild, I like the clean soapy smell and the sulfur's good for my hair and scalp), stir a tablespoon of rinse into 3-4 cups of water then use the water to give your hair a final rinse. I have very thick hair that comes down to 2-3 inches below my shoulders, so I use quite a bit. If you like, you can rinse a final time in the shower before drying off. I find I generally don't need to use conditioners anymore, though you may if you want a little extra for your hair.

Honey Vanilla Vinegar Face Toner

3/4 cup strongly brewed tea (the lazy bum in me uses a few bags of Tazo Chamomile Tea in a mug of hot water. The ingredients are agreeable to me and I love the smell as it's brewing :D )

1/2 tsp acv

1/2 tsp honey

1/4 tsp organic vanilla powder

preservative (optional, I don't add it myself, but I make small batches that I finish fast)

Mix and bottle. Swipe on skin after cleansing and before moisturizer. I soak a cotton pad with it and sweep it over my skin. It'll take a minute to soak in. If it's faintly sticky, it'll go away once it dries :) I once tried adding aspirin in to make a multipurpose toner, but I didn't like the granules on my skin everyday, so I'll stick to the occasional aspirin mask, I think. Sometimes when I'm feeling particularly lazy, I just use it as a facial cleanser :D

These recipes can be altered to suit - some might like more vanilla, some might like less, but too much vanilla and honey can make your hair & skin a little sticky. Some might like hydrosols or witch hazel for the face toner (I know I would, but I don't have any handy :( )

Anyhow, just thought I'd share :bliss:

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I do something similar with my toner but use a combination of green tea and chamomile. I then add in aloe liquid, and a hydrosol (at the moment its lavender). To top it off, I add in some tea tree oil. Very nice to my skin! Now I'm working on a recipe for an oily skin lotion with a bit of kaolin clay thrown in.

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