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Fall/Holiday Scents

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Off the top of my head ...

Toasted Marshmallow from www.kycandlewaxsupply.com is always a best seller for me. I rename it "Rice Krispy Treats" around the holidays.

Banana Nut Bread, Cranberry Marmalade, and Mistletoe from www.candlescience.com are great sellers too.

Customers love Apple Danish from www.heartfeltcandlesupply.com; I rename it Apple Dumplin.

Mulled Cider is another big seller (www.alabastercandlesupply.com or www.candlesupplys.us.com).

From www.justscent.com ... Christmas Splendor, Chestnuts & Brown Sugar, Pumpkin Spice.

Snowy Pine from www.candlesuppliesbyfarmhouse.com.

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Holiday Bash - A Scent Shop now being sold at www.fragranceoilcentral.com (has been my #1 seller the last 3 Christmas's)

Berries & Balsam - Just Scent

Gingerbread Cookies - Snowtop/ICS

Christmas Wreath - Willow Woods

Amish Harvest - Tennessee Candle Supplies

Harvest Spice - Tennessee Candle Supplies

Apples & Maple Bourbon - Candle Science, this will be my first year for this one, it seems to be one of those scents that you don't hear about but I absolutely love it.

All of these are incredible in GB415.

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some new ones i'm adding this year

millcreek's cozy home

candlesuppliesbyfarmhouse's snowy pine

ng's-pumpkin crunch cake

some old favorites & good sellers


chestnuts & brown sugar

harvest spice

pumpkin spice

balsam & spice

christmas splendor

sugar cookie & spicy gingerbread for gingerbread cookies.


bear claws

vanilla frosted grahams

caramel nut cluster snowtop/ics


hansel & gretel's house

strudel & spice

well that all i can think of off the top of my head.

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Fall Sellers

  • Sweet Potato Spice (KY)
  • Harvest (BCS)
  • Creme Brulee (soycandle.com)
  • Spiced Orange (Cajun)
  • Vanilla Hazelnut (Flickers)

Christmas Sellers

  • Christmas Mulberry (Cajun)
  • Christmas Tree (Cajun)
  • Christmas Hearth (LoneStar)

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Yes, Christmas Hearth from Lonestar is terrific! I sell it all year and call it welcome home - just kinda fits ya know?

I also sells tons and tons of Christmas Memories from Cajun Candles - never go wrong with this one and I can't make it fast enough....LOL


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