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reed diffuser?

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Hi back after a busy spring (i own a flower shop) and a week break before next wedding so back at testing and playing with my other stuff! How long can i call me a newbie?! lolMy ? is i use the chemistry store diffuser base and find after testing many fo's and ratios that i'm using about 50/50 or is mixing my own the stronger way to go? do i need to add imp or dpg to the base or just the straight base? (wish i knew what that base is) this stuff is confusing read the posts (more than once) tia jo

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I recently bought some unscented reed diffuser oil and 6 - 12" reeds from JBN and I am very happy with them! :) I used Ginger Bergamot FO (a favorite of ours) and mixed it 1 part FO : 3 parts unscented diffuser oil base (or 1 oz FO to 3 oz base). I am amazed at how nicely they fragrance my bathroom! The scent is not overpowering... it's more "wafty" (is that a word?)? I'm thinking if 6 smell this good, I wonder how 12 would smell...

JBN's diffuser base has no alcohol or DPG. If it works this well without those other things, I think I wouldn't add anything else.

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