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Can anyone tell me what c3 wax is and who supplies it?

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Hi I am a newbie but I will try to help. C3 is soy container blend. I started off with it and I am haveing really good luck. I have been getting mine from lone star, but I am in Oklahoma so it gets here the next day and shipping is a little cheaper for me. The one that I use is made by nature wax, I like it a lot.

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Here's their website with a map of distributors. http://www.naturewax.com/distributors.html Find the one closest to you. It's different the EZ Soy, you can pour it hot and don't have to wait for it to get slushy. Looks like they've redone their website, it's nice except the pic with a paraffin candle...odd.

eta: Okay, so I didn't notice this was a duplicate thread and your questions already answered in the other one. Oops!

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