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Burning times, is it as simple as......

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It depends on your formula but you can use that as a rough guide.

Before lighting the candle, use a scale to weigh it and find

it's total weight. Then light and let burn for 3 hours (assuming

it's a 3 inch diameter candle). Weigh the candle again. Now

you can calculate the burn rate. i.e, if you have a 16

oz candle to begin with, and after 3 hours of burning it weighs

15.5 oz, then that means that .5 oz burned in 3 hours. Divide that

by 3, so in 1 hour .16 oz burned away. Now take your original

total weight and divide that by your per hour burn rate.

This would give you a total burn time of approximately 100


Hope this helps.


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