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Different Milks in CP


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What are the benefits of the different milks if any in CP or even lotions?

Cows Milk

Coconut Milk I've seen this in cans but can't I also get this by cracking a real coconut?

Soy Milk

Goats Milk


I also found a rice drink in with the soy milks but not sure if thats really a milk or not.

And what about the powdered forms? Which is better and why? And have I missed any other type milks I'd might benefit from.

I'm experimenting again! LOL!


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I personally love goat's milk, as well as coconut milk. I buy them both in cartons (not canned or powdered ). The goat's milk is made by Myenburg and is in a carton in the refrigerated section of the grocery store; and I find the coconut milk (Aroyo brand) at the Asian market in 8 oz cartons (similar to those little juice cartons) right next to the canned milks. It's 100% coconut milk with no additives at all.

Anyway, both lend a real nice, dense, creaminess to the lather of my soaps. It's a very rare thing for me to soap without some form of milk nowadays. I just love the creamy difference they make!


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