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Lip balm experts, what does this mean?


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I emailed a supplier of flavor oils about three weeks ago. Here's the question I asked and the response I finally got this week:

At what percent do you recommend the flavor be added to a lip balm base? The usage is 1 oz. to 40 lb. For candy that works out to be 1/4 tsp to 1 lb. (or 1 cup sugar recipe)

This has me very confused (as I often am :D ). 1 oz to 40 lbs? Should I assume it's a typo? I've read lots of other suppliers recommendations but this one has me bumfuzzled. Help?

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I bought base off of lindsay at soapersworkshop and i asked this very same question and this was her reply to me

Here's how I calculate how much Flavor Oil to use.

1. Weigh out your base (you don't have to use the whole base, but you WILL need to weigh out whatever portion you're using). Let's use 4 oz for this example.

2. Multiply 4 oz by 1% (4 x 0.01). 0.04 oz of Flavor Oil. Since this isn't weighable by most scales, I then take this number, and put it into Google for them to convert it. (it's easier for me to do this than to save a conversion program)

3. 0.04 oz to ml (type into Google Search). Which then tells you 1.18 ml. The pipettes I use have ml markings on them. I use these to measure out my flavor oils.


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I'm guessing that the flavor oils you requested info on are also candy flavor oils. Many of them are oil based and can be used in lip balms. Make sure of that first, as some are alcohol or propylene glycol based, and these will separate out of your lip balm base. That's my guess, at least, regarding what the company told you about the usage rate.

And thanks, CowGirl, for posting my instructions. This works for any lip balm flavor oils, but you will need to adjust the percentage to THEIR recommended percentage rate. I've found most tend to run around 2-3%. Our Flavor Oils are specifically formulated FOR lip balms, and are very concentrated. So basically, the instructions CowGirl posted will work for any flavor oils, the percentage rate may just need to be adjusted depending on the supplier.

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I had what I thought was a good recipe for making lip balms. Then I found the Kukui Lip Treat on Snowdrift Farms website and switched to it and everyone loves it. They suggest 30 drops of flavor oil for about 3 oz. of base. What I am finding is you still have to adjust the amount. I've had to up the amount in a couple of flavors like Chai and Peanut Butter & Jelly. Now Root Beer is really flavorful at 30 drops so it's one I can cut back on.

I'm going to be switching out the Kukui nut oil in other batches and offering both just in case someone is allergic to nuts. Here is the link in case you are interested.



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