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Question about color crystals from Makes Scents

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I just mixed up 2 (2 different colors) small test batches using CBA and the color crystals from Makes Scents, while mixing I noticed oil droplets in the bottom of both pyrex cups.

I've been using the same batch of wax for weeks so I know it isn't the wax, what I'm wondering is if anyone else has experienced the oil droplets from the color crystals? This was my first time trying those so I know that is where the droplets are coming from because I haven't even added FO yet.

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I have used those color crystals from Makes. The only thing I have noticed is that if they don't all melt they make little spots in the bottom of the jars. To make sure they are all melted, I put them in with a little wax and get it as hot as the wax can take, then add everything else. I like Makes wax beads, they make vibrant color.

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