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adding FO question....

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I made a friend a candle, used 8% FO with GB444 wax. She says she can't smell it, no HT. Since this is just a tester candle, can I remelt this and add more FO to it (up to 11%) or is is just doomed to be a firestarter? I have re-melted and re-poured candles but never thought of adding more FO. This was a new FO that she wanted to try to see if it smelled like one she had bought elsewhere, I'm bummed it didn't work, CT smelled just like the other. Any help would be appreciated.

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I just started testing GB 444 and found curing 1 week I get a pretty good scent throw but 1 1/2 weeks I get a kick butt scent throw. So I would suggest setting it a side for a few days and testing it again. If you still don't get a good scent throw then I think I would chalk it up to it might be just one of those scent that aren't going to throw in soy wax. Another thing to look at is the wick. 8% is a pretty good % to put in a candle so you might want to try a different wick size or a different type of wick all together. HTH Cindy/WI

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