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containers for candles

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Its funny you should say that because I am looking for contemporary and all I find is country jars. Are you talking about Mason and Ball jars? I know Aztec Candle Supplies and Candles and Supplies carry some pretty rustic and country looking jars. There are many others but I remember these off the top of my head.

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but I do not see any really country looking jars on their site. Any ideas are always appreciated! :grin2:

While I'm brand new at this and probably don't rate real high yet for giving advice, there is a place by me with lots of different type of jars.


The jars themselves don't look particularly country I don't think until you pair them with the lids. They have those rustic rusty tin lids with the handles on them that to me, looks primitive and country


They also have rustic cut-out star jar lids and lampshades

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